Mathaise Markt Schriesheim

08. – 17. März 2019 , 10:00 bis 22:00 Uhr.

Every year on the first weekend in March, the well-known and popular Schriesheim Mathaise market begins in Schriesheim. The Mathaise market is the first large spring and wine festival on the Bergstraße and attracts every year about 150,000 to 200,000 visitors from the entire region to Schriesheim. The fairground area turns into a beautiful amusement park with carousels for young and old, ticket booths, game booths, vending machines, snack and candy stalls, the marquee (wine tent) and the exhibition tent (commercial tent). In the streets of the old town, there is a cramming market, on which travel merchants offer their goods at the beautifully decorated stalls. The product range is diverse and ranges from household goods / appliances on clothing, tablecloths, decorative items and leather goods to spices, flowers and plants. The ostrich farms and the historic Zehntkeller offer a colorful, musical program and invite the visitors to an atmospheric get-together, usually with a glass of wine. The entire Mathaise market is a great program, with a variety of events offered. There is something for every age and every taste: for the little guests the children's afternoon, for the athletes the Mathaise market run and the boxing match, for fashion enthusiasts a fashion show, for fans of fanfare music the fanfare contest or for the Schriesheimer Senior citizens the "Altenfrühschoppen". Special highlights of the Mathaise market are the coronation of the wine queen and her princesses as well as the pageant. Here you will find the train sequence of the historical procession.


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