Vineyard hike

01. Mai 2019

Every year on the 1st of May, the traditional vineyard hike takes place on Bergstrasse. The tour runs on the blossom path between Alsbach and Heppenheim. On the roadside winegrowers serve their Bergsträßer wines on this day.

The pretty hiking route leads along vineyards, orchards and wooded areas and allows a wide view over the Rhine plain up to the Palatinate mountains. In some places you have a nice view of the Odenwald.

2000 years ago, the Romans discovered the beauty and the mild climate of the "strata montana", the mountain road. They planted the first vines on the sun-drenched hills of the region. Thus, at the foot of the Odenwald, with about 450 hectares, one of the smallest wine-growing areas in Germany was built.

Throughout the year, wine festivals are celebrated on the Bergstraße. The prelude in spring makes the Bergsträßer Weinfrühling with the vineyard hike, followed by the Bergsträßer wine market, the wine and champagne festival of winegrowers, the Bergsträßer Winzerfest and the Bergsträßer Weinherbst.

The blossom path of the mountain road invites you to go hiking at any time

The Blütenweg is a charming destination all year long, which invites you to hike on the mountain road. The 86 km long route leads through beautiful landscapes and interesting sights. The blossom path begins at the Hessian mountain road in Darmstadt-Eberstadt and ends at the Baden mountain road in Wiesloch. Due to its convenient connection to public transport, it can easily be hiked in small stages.


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