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Zoo Vivarium


Loud monkeys, colorful birds, tropical fish and exotic reptiles are at home in nature-designed enclosures, terrariums and aquariums. On 5 hectares live 2000 exotic and native animals in 190 kinds. Close-up wildlife viewing is provided by the walk-in kangaroo facility and petting zoo with African miniature goats.

Participation in numerous national and international breeding programs underlines the conservation work in Darmstadt Zoo. One of Europe’s most important breeding groups of critically endangered European mock macaques lives here. The zoo school offers the opportunity to learn a lot about the animals. In the out-of-school learning location “Zoo Vivarium Darmstadt”, the little guests experience biology classes with all the senses – seeing, hearing, smelling and touching. Remarkable breeding successes have made the zoo from southern Hesse known across the borders of our country. The worlds first breeding of the crocodile tail humpback lizard and the worlds first breeding of the small vasa parrot happened in the Vivarium in Darmstadt.

Lushly planted animal houses, such as the aquarium and terrarium hall, the tropical, crested macaque and binturong dwarf-otter house allow tropical animal experiences even during winter. Immerse yourself in the exciting and varied world of 2,000 exotic and native animals and make your next trip a special experience – in the Zoo Vivarium Darmstadt.

Source: www.zoo-vivarium.de

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You can find the attraction here

Schnampelweg 5,
64287 Darmstadt

Distance to the hotel: 31.1 km