Brennerei Ziegler

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The Brennerei Ziegler was founded in Freudenberg am Main in 1865 and has since stood for distillation expertise at the highest level. As a brewery with a distilling licence, the company was already writing history back then. Ziegler still today manufactures its products on the original site in Freudenberg (Baden-Wuerttemberg) in the midst of the idyllic countryside on the bight of the Main near Miltenberg.

Then as now, the distillery is run with plenty of dedication and spirit. Our eyes are fixed on the future without forgetting our traditional values. Real manual work has always been carried out for the production of our fine distillates. From the fruit harvest to the labelling of bottles – at Ziegler, everything is done by hand. In such a way, the Brennerei Ziegler, as a manufacturer with particularly high quality standards, has managed to become one of Germany’s leading distilleries. Nowadays, every bon viveur knows the name Ziegler and the fine eaux de vie, spirits, liqueurs, whiskies and fruit vinegars from the distillery in Freudenberg am Main.




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Hauptstraße 26,
97896 Freudenberg am Main

Distance to the hotel: 75.7 km