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Castle Lindenfels

Already around 1080 a castle “Slirburc” is mentioned in a document – probably an earth-wood-fortification.

Documented Lindenfels is first mentioned in 1123 together with a count Bertolfus, who is seen as the builder of the castle. The names of the lords of the castle were splendid. Konrad von Hohenstaufen, the brother of the legendary emperor Barbarossa, was master of Lindenfels. With the inheritance to Margrave Hermann of Baden followed a temporary incorporation into Baden property, until the Wittelsbach Palatine Count Ludwig II bought back the rule in 1277 and thus founded the nearly 600-year affiliation of Lindenfels to Palatinate.

In the 14th century – construction of the city wall – and 15th century – expansion of the Romanesque core fortress – the castle was continuously expanded. Also in the 16th century, but here as a result of military implications. Although the castle Lindenfels was occupied several times by foreign troops (in the 14th and 16th centuries as well as in the Thirty Years’ War), it was not destroyed. The Palatinate Amtsburg fell in the 18th century, the plant was increasingly used as a quarry. First conservation and restoration work was done at the end of the last century. Over the last 30 years, continuous safety and conservation measures have been carried out.

A visit is possible at any time. Guided tours are offered from March to October as part of the “Historical City Tour” every month by the spa and tourist service.

Admission is free.

The access road to the castle leads over the B 47 (Nibelungenstraße) to Lindenfels. Following the sign “Stadtmitte” you reach the parking lot “Burgstraße” below the castle. From there it is about 5 – 10 minutes walk to the castle.

Source: lindenfels.de

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64678 Lindenfels

Distance to the hotel: 18.7 km