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The Felsenmeer in Lautertal is one of the most popular excursion destinations for families with children in the Odenwald. The big boulders invite you to climb and play.

Powerful, round boulders drag down the rocky mountain like a stone stream for about a kilometer. Is there really a giant buried beneath the rocks that you can still hear a snort today? Or is the impressive stone landscape the result of the merging of great ancient continents and millions of years of ancient volcanic activity? What role did the once-tropical climate and later ice ages play? The Felsenmeer is a fascinating natural landscape and a gigantic “adventure playground”. The information center at the foot of the Felsberg offers exciting insights into the origins and use of the ancient rocks.

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You can find the attraction here

Seifenwiesenweg 59,
64686 Lautertal

Distance to the hotel: 13.1 km