German ivory museum

As a highly educated man who grew up in the climate of the European Enlightenment, Count Franz I stands as an example of a principle that met him at the leading courts of his time: education as the basis for any development of prosperity and social community.

The count’s lifelong enthusiasm for the ideals of antiquity and the impressions of encounters with outstanding personalities such as Voltaire, Diderot or Frederick II formed the intellectual foundation for a new model of governance that guaranteed economic security and social stability for many generations after him should.

Work as an image of the idea – education as a condition for culture – Enlightenment as a model of social action: these are the still current messages of Franz I. Without this background, the wonderful products of the Odenwald carving art could not have developed.

Based on the world of ideas of Franz I, the exhibition focuses on the aesthetic experience, the joy of the beauty of things and the spirit, which allows the same material to become art through human creativity.

Allow yourself to be taken in by the visionary energy of Franz I, who found expression in Erbach’s ivory and runs throughout the museum. In a place that is unique in the world, together with the count’s collections of the castle.

The German ivory museum is barrier-free accessible via a lift.


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You can find the attraction here

Marktplatz 7,
64711 Erbach im Odenwald

Distance to the hotel: 37.7 km