Kirchberghäuschen Bensheim

On the summit of the Kirchberg is the managed Kirchberghäuschen. On June 2, 1857, the Kirchberghaus was inaugurated as a “pleasure house”.

The idea for the construction of the Kirchberghäuschens came to some Bensheim dignitaries. Bernhard Krauß, Mayor Taupel, Baron von der Rodenstein, church calculator Hainz and Ritterwirt Werle. They were around 1840 of the opinion that at this time still undeveloped Kirchberg should have a grand finale. The original plan of Kreisbaumeister Mittermeier provided for a magnificent tower on the building, which was probably never realized for cost reasons.

Start of construction of a simplified variant was 1849. Completion dragged on for years.

The inauguration finally took place on 2 June 1857 with an 18-point program, especially for the “higher society”. After the gathering in Rathaussaal, a procession with flag bearers, white-clad ladies and young gentlemen and representatives of local associations led to the Kirchberg. The program announced cannon shots, games, amusements and fireworks.

Since its completion, the Kirchberghäuschen has been one of Bensheim’s most popular tourist destinations and one of the city’s landmarks. It is a listed cultural monument.


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You can find the attraction here

Außerhalb 2,
64625 Bensheim

Distance to the hotel: 7.1 km