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Erbach Castle

ike the beginnings of Erbach, the early history of its ancestral castle is largely unknown. Presumably, the castle Erbach was built as a moated castle on a Mümlinginsel. Due to the importance of the lords of Erbach as a royal ministerial, the creation of the castle in the 12th century is propable. However, the earliest architectural testimony is the still standing keep. Its imposing humpbacked wall can be dated back to the first half of the 13th century.

The present castle was completed in 1736. It is the result of a comprehensive expansion of an existing Renaissance building under Count Georg Wilhelm, who also integrated the previously free-standing keep. Even today, the Renaissance building, whose shape is known to us through paintings and drawings, can be read in the interior of the building.

Around 1800, Count Franz I had the interiors of the castle greatly redesigned to give his collections the desired frame. The largest intervention was necessary for the two-storey knight’s hall.

The hitherto largely unadorned castle received a baroque facade design in 1902 with window frames made of sheet metal, a representative portal and an altar to the marketplace.

Source: schloss-erbach.de, Anja Dötsch, Baudenkmalpflegerin, monument preservationist, administration of the state castles and gardens Hessen

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You can find the attraction here

Marktplatz 7,
64711 Erbach im Odenwald

Distance to the hotel: 37.7 km